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Lightweight Plywood

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Lightweight Plywood

for Camper Van / Yacht Furniture

Lightweight plywood has the lower density, and it is light sufficiently for making the kitchen cabinet, vanities, and other components in Camper Van / Yacht.


The wood species used as the core veneer of the lightweight plywood are mainly the species like Falcata, Balsa, Paulownia, etc. It is made of the same thickness of the core veneer material, and performs more stable quality in flatness. 


Due to the main application is for the decorative furniture or components in camper van or yacht, so it is often overlaid with the PVC Film, PET Film.


Happy Wood produces the high quality lightweight plywood. Our stable quality and good service has obtained the customers’ great approval.


And here, cut-to-size or special treatment on CNC machining is available. Moreover, the density of our lightweight plywood is approx. Between 410 kg/m3 and 420 kg /m3.