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Lightweight plywood for the Caravan

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What kind of the plywood is good for the furniture used in the caravan?

On the supply chain markets, there are many types of plywood, such as the birch plywood, pine plywood, poplar plywood, eucalyptus plywood, paulownia plywood, etc. Customers are confused to choose the right type for the furniture building in the caravan. Here we give you some tips:

1. The plywood should be with very low formaldehyde emission or even zero formaldehyde emission.

As we know, the formaldehyde is very bad chemical to the health. When the plywood is used in the caravan, it has to be the environmental friendly and healthy materials. At present, different countries have their own standards to control the plywood industry to be the green level. Such as, for European countries, they use the E1 as the standard for the interior glue; for American, EPA or CARB P2 is requested. And in China, both the ENF and E1 standards are requested. In Japan, the F**** is requested for the interior glue.

2. The coated materials of the plywood has to be ductile materials.

Due to the caravan is for traveling around the countries, the temperature and humidity is quite different in different cities. For example, in winter, the temperature is very low some high latitudes, and the heating has to keep working in the caravan. By the contrary, in some beach areas, the humidity is very high, so if the coated materials are not ductile, for instance, like the melamine paper or similar materials, it will finally crack!

According the experience, the PVC is the top choice materials when making the cupboard or tables for the caravan; when making the bench tops, the HPL or PET is the better choice, thanks to its hardness and the ductile characteristic.

3. The plywood needs to be as lightweight as possible.

The dead weight of the caravan is already heavy, and it has to be loaded with its hosts and guests, so the furniture assembled in the caravan has to be light enough. In Europe, the spruce is a kind of lightweight materials, and in America, poplar is the good option; in Asian countries, we have some choices like: Paulownia, Erima or Poplar.

At the same time, we have to consider the durability and stability of the wood materials, in particular, when it is fixed with screws or nails, the nail-holding property is a significant factor.

Happy Wood® has the experienced production team and the technical team to provide you the premium lightweight plywood, meanwhile, our team could give you some helpful suggestions and solid information to you.


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