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What is Chinese Eucalyptus Plywood?

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Chinese Eucalyptus, mainly planted in South of China, Guangdong province and Guangxi province, is a kind of hardwood species and very economical cost material. According to its main application, there are two types of eucalyptus plywood, one is the for making furniture and the other is for making concrete form. The average density for the eucalyptus plywood for making furniture is 580kgs/m3-600kgs/m3. Whereas the average density for the eucalyptus plywood for making concrete form plywood is 630kgs/m3-650kgs/m3. Both of these two types of eucalyptus plywood are often seen on the domestic and foreign markets, like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and some European countries.


Happy Wood is dedicated in manufacturing the high quality hardwood plywood for more than two decades, eucalyptus materials are the significant materials used on our production lines. For our anti slip plywood, the furniture grade hardwood plywood, as well as our concrete form plywood, eucalyptus materials play an important role. It has the relatively stable strength, and performs good bonding strength, MOR and MOE in testing.

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