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What is Lightweight Plywood?

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Lightweight plywood becomes one of the most popular plywood items on the higher market, which is usually used for making the kitchen cabinet, vanities, cupboards, in particular, which is utilized for caravan or bendy furniture.


Lightweight Plywood, simply, means its density is much lower than those common wood species like White Birch, Yellow Birch, Beech, Oak, Pine and so forth. The raw material wood ply for manufacturing the Lightweight Plywood are mainly originated from East Asian and South East Asian countries, like China, Indonesia, Japan, as well as its neighboring countries and areas.


The lightweight wood species like Falcata, Paulownia, Balsa and white poplar are often seen on the supply chain markets. Happy Wood is one of the best factories to manufacture the higher quality light weight Plywood for customers around the globe. Over the past 5 years, we have established the reliable and healthy business relationship with our customers and our raw materials suppliers. Our light weight plywood are often overlaid with PVC film, PET film.


In the meanwhile, as more custom equipment is added to our plywood production, we have been engaged in manufacturing the custom and designed plywood products to our customers, such as some components for the yacht, like the curved plywood doors, Tongue and Groove shelves, and the adjustable boards with drilled holes.


Overall, we have the ability to provide customers the higher quality lightweight plywood, if you are interested in any specific item, just contact us by email or leave us the messages, we are ready to serve you. The Customer’s satisfaction is our TOP Priority!

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