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Birch Plywood -The Best Choice For Higher End Furniture

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Plywood, due to its popularity, many builders and architects are currently seeking plywood as a substitute to solid wooden furniture. However, there is a number of plywood’s available in the market these days, thus it gets important to choose the best plywood for furniture as per the place and usage.

Plywood furniture making can be done with available variants of ply like softwood, hardwood, and various finishes. This material has many different uses such as flooring, roofing, making furniture including cabinets and wardrobes, wall sheathing and even some DIY projects.


Among these plywood types, birch plywood is the best choice for higher end furniture, in particular, for the arts furniture series. There are three factors leading to its priority for higher end customers.

Firstly-its density, the full birch plywood is no less than 680kgs/m3, which is strong and stable while being used.

Secondly, the birch plywood is usually made of even thickness veneer, 1.5mm thick veneer is often seen on the market. The uniform thickness of the veneer can keep the birch plywood more durable and more flat, even it is thin plywood, like 4mm or 6mm.

The third factor is that the birch plywood is usually made with phenolic glue or E0 melamine glue, so the formaldehyde emission is actually low to be the CARB P2 or EPA standard. It is good to the health of the customers.

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