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Engineered Hardwood flooring vs. Laminates flooring

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Engineered Hardwood flooring vs. Laminates flooring

Some people may confuse engineered hardwoods with laminates, because both are technically made up of varying layers of material. The similarities, however, stop there.

Engineered hardwood is made of genuine hardwoods, with a surface that can be sanded down and refinished if necessary. Laminates are made up of various materials, such as fiberboard, that have been fused together in a lamination process. While engineered hardwood is relatively unaffected by moisture levels, due to the way that the planks are constructed, laminates cannot be installed below grade or in areas with high moisture levels for the same reasons that solid hardwood cannot; the planks are likely to swell and warp when they come in contact with moisture.

Laminates also have what is known as a photographic image layer on top, which gives them the appearance of wood. If this layer becomes scratched, stained, or otherwise damaged, it cannot be recovered. In fact, the most common method of repairing a laminate floor is the removal of the damaged planks.


Engineered hardwood has a real wood top layer. Not only is it less likely to scratch, stain, or become otherwise damaged, it can also be refinished if necessary without the expense or hassle of replacing a portion of the floor.