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European Oak VS American Oak

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European Oak VS American Oak

Protecting the inside of your van with a plywood lining protects the outside panels from dings and dents caused by loose loads which will inevitably lead to rust marks.

This van ply lining kit comprises of:

wall panel

Full height wall panels in 6mm plywood.                       

Rear door upper panels only in 6mm plywood.

Sliding door upper panel only in 6mm plywood (if side load door specified)

Full floor in 12mm plywood.

Fully assembled wheel boxes in 12mm plywood.


All Vanax lining kits are manufactured in-house to order by our time served joiners and carpenters. For popular, high volume models, we manufacture using our multiple head CNC router machine. Panels are pre-drilled to make DIY installation even easier. Because of the variety of makes and models, all plywood lining kits are made to order. We only source our plywood sheet material from well managed certified sources who plant more trees than they cut down. Even after your kit has been cut and sanded we ensure that all remaining scraps are recycled by our environmental disposal partners.


The Vans use 5.5mm ply for walls and doors, 12mm ply for floor and wheel boxes.

Every ply lining kit also comes standard with easy to follow instructions, all necessary fixings, silicone and drill bit. If you get into difficulty while fitting, we also offer free access to our team of trained installers for telephone assistance. There's not many things they won't have experienced and all are ready to help with your install.


12mm phenolic resin floor:

phenolic resin floor

non-slip flooring

All Vanax lining kits come with full, easy to follow fitting instructions, aluminium door threshhold protection trims (where applicable) and high modulus sealant to give you that professional finish.


This option is for supply (and optional fit) floor upgrade only  to 12mm phenolic resin, non-slip flooring. It does not include the standard plywood lining.

The higher quality "BuffaloWisadeck/Hexagrip" floor offers greater non-slip properties than standard plywood and the resin bonding is even more resistant to delamination caused by high levels of moisture in the van.