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Plywood For Scaffolding Platform

Views: 208     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-07      Origin: Site


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Plywood For Scaffolding Platform

The Aluminum Platform with Anti-Slip Plywood Deck is built with a rugged 5/8 in. thick sealed plywood deck with an anti-slip surface that delivers outstanding performance even when wet. The sealed deck also has an aluminum protective edge with slide locks on each end and is designed to work with both standard and arched frames. Its sturdy, 1-piece construction meets OSHA requirements and supports up to 100 lbs./sq. ft. for multiple workers at a time.

· Anti-slip surface provides maximum sure footing even when wet

· 5/8 in. thick plywood provides a firm and stable platform

· Solid 1-piece construction, waterproof sealed plywood and weather-resistant glue for ultimate durability

· Anti pop-up sliding lock system at each end for added safety and security

The Aluminum Platform with Plywood Deck for Standard and Arched Scaffolding Frames is built with a rugged 5/8 in. thick plywood deck and platform crossbeams to evenly distribute the load. It can support a total load of up to 75 lbs. per sq. ft. for multiple workers at a time, or a set of heavy construction materials. It uses a sturdy, weather-resistant design that keeps it durable even in challenging job site environments. Each platform end is secured with an anti-pop up sliding lock system to keep the platform secured to the frame against wind or unusual movement. This lets you work with added safety and security. It is easy to set up, with a versatile design that lets you use it on standard or arch scaffolding frames. Our Aluminum Platform with Plywood Deck meets and exceeds OSHA, CSA, and ANSI standards to help reduce the risk of worker injury.

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