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The Melamine Faced Plywood

Views: 214     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-06      Origin: Site


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The Melamine Faced Plywood

The melamine faced plywood is covered with a wear-resistant,UV-resistant melamine impregnated paper film that is chemically bonded to the dimensional stable plywood core under hot press.The melamine faced plywood is tough, waterproof and scratch-resistant.They are widely used in the manufacture of furniture,kitchens and toys,as well as in facilities such as shop decoration, exhibitions and displays,  workshops and vehicle modifications.

The coating has good color stability and chemical resistance.As a result,many household cleaners can be safely applied to surfaces,making them very easy to keep clean.

These panels are available in stock in the form of white melamine-faced birch plywood,a smooth white film that is bonded to externally bonded birch plywood cores.Other colors, wood grain and plywood with different core materials (e.g. lightweight okoume plywood) can be specially ordered by multi-pallet quantity.