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China(Beijing) International RV Camping-Light Weight Plywood

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-13      Origin: Site


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China(Beijing) International RV Camping-Light Weight Plywood

Heldduring the period Oct., 13-16, 2020, the 11th China(Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition & the 11th China International RVCamping Rally themed by “Discovering the World of RV ·Weave Dreams together with the RV Family”, with the RVCommittee of ChinaAssociation of Automobile Industry, 21RV and RV World as sponsors and BeijingCampers RV Exhibition Co., Ltd. as undertaker, finally came to a successfulconclusion in the RV World · Beijing RV Exposition Center.  

The scale continues to grow and the number of audience is far beyond expectation


Witha field transaction amount totaling about 0.585 billion yuan, the 4-dayexhibition attracted 71,208 visitors, up 15% on from ayear ago, and the number of professional visitors was far beyond that in thelast year.  

Beijing International RV Camping Exhibition has been held foryears, whose exhibition area is under continuous expansion, reaching as high as70,000m2, up 20% from a year ago. The exhibition was divided intothree parts, namely RV vehicle, RV parts and outdoor camping, respectivelyinvolving the most important domestic RV producers, modifiers and distributors,the suppliers of parts for famous RV brands and also the suppliers of the mostattractive outdoor camping equipment, totaling 358 brand products.        


Focusingon market demands, promote the sustainable development of the industry underthe guidance of innovation


Our Light Weight Plywood bcomes more popular material for the furniture of the campervan.

The Density of the light weight PVC coated plywood is just 410 kgs /m3, it will help the builder of the campervan save gas costs and eco friendly.