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What Flooring Product Is Popular?

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What Flooring Product Is Popular?

European oak has been the most popular wood species for flooring since decades. Besides an attractive colour and grain structure, oak contains tannic acids. These tannines enable us to colour the wood in many ways.

We manufacture oak multi-ply floors in widths from 125 up to an impressive 300mm. Standard planks are supplied in lengths up to 2400 or 3000 mm .

Our oak floors are sorted into four grading, depending on the amount and size of knots, presence of cracks, colour variation, and grain type.

We mainly manufacture floors from European oak, ash, elm, and American black walnut.

Besides a traditional plank also we offer a range of stunning floor patterns, such as: herringbone, chevron, creative pattern.

oak flooring

European oak flooring

Our color Collection consists of a range of curated warm browns, greys and blacks.

OAK Collection can be specified in plank, herringbone, chevron, and some other decorative patterns and panels, all with a bevel on all sides. All panels have bevel around 4 sides and make tongue and groove.

oak floors