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Two-layer Wood Flooring

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Two-layer Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is divided into three layers and multi-layer solid wood flooring. However, in recent years, for the US market, there is no anti-dumping duty on the newly developed 2-layer solid wood flooring in Chinese factories, nor is there a 25% 301 tariff.

The two-layer wood flooring is generally made of solid wood panel and solid wood substrate glued together, the panel and the substrate wood grain are arranged in the same direction or staggered composite, the upper and lower surfaces of the substrate are perpendicular to the direction of the wood the grooves are square to each other, the bottom of the grooves are processed with holes through the upper and lower, and the grooves and holes are filled with fiber reinforced resin bridge reinforcement and pier. Double floor structure is simple, with the comprehensive advantages of pure solid wood floor and solid wood composite floor, not only good shear strength, but also good bidirectional warping deformation resistance.

Our 2-layer wood flooring are made of oak top plane with thickness of 4 mm or above. The base material is made of carefully treated Chinese fir, its structure is different from the traditional bamboo structure, in order to ensure its stability, on the basis of the bamboo structure, the four sides are connected and fixed with a tenon structure to increase stability. The two-layer wood flooring with improved structure is more stable and not easy to bending than the traditional bamboo row.

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