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What Is The Choice between Plywood And OSB?

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What Is The Choice between Plywood And OSB?

Plywood and oriented structural particle board are the two most commonly used sheets in residential construction. They are very similar products in appearance, and there is also a lot of overlap in terms of use. If you want to choose the right one, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two plates.

So what is the difference between OSB and plywood?

Price: Traditionally, OSB is the cheaper option, although this can fluctuate depending on your region and market.


Workability: Both OSB and plywood are fairly easy to use. However, plywood can be made into furniture and cabinets, while oriented particleboard is specifically used for construction.

Sheathing: The two are almost interchangeable for roofs, floors and walls. However, there are heated debates about this, some of which we will explore in depth later.

Quality: Oriented particleboard and plywood can both be purchased in different qualities. Some are cleaner and more durable; Others are cleaner and more durable. Others are cheaper.