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12mm All Birch Plywood

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12mm All Birch Plywood

100% birch plywood is made by gluing together multiple layers of birch veneer. There is always an odd number of veneers, each layer at a right Angle to the right Angle below, which gives the material excellent stability and strength. The type of gluing and the thickness of the plywood determine the suitability of the sheet for a particular application.

Temptations of 100% Birch plywood

1.High-grade 100% Birch plywood, equivalent to Russia and Finland top BIECH plywood PEDOCECERS.

2. We use the same grading system as the big factories and standards in Finland and Russia. We use two panels for birch plywood, one with a thin veneer of 0.3-0.35mm and the other with a thick veneer of 1.2-1.5mm.

Grades and Applications

1.B Grade. Birch plywood is recommended for surface painting. With a sheet face veneer light and even outlook. Allow some healthy knots (up to 12mm in diameter) as the color varies slightly. Does not contain plugs or surface joints.

2. S-grade birch plywood is recommended for surfaces coated with non-transparent paint. A good, uniform grade. Some sound knots (up to 20mm in diameter) and a limited number of other knots (up to 8mm in diameter) are allowed. Allow fading. Plugs that do not include surface connectors.

3. BB grade birch plywood. The grade most used in technical applications requiring sound surfaces. The cork is used on the surface veneer. In addition, the fine surface defects were repaired with synthetic fillers. Sufficient sound knots (up to 25mm in diameter) and other knots (up to 6mm in diameter) are allowed.

4. CP&C grade Birch plywood is suitable for structures that are not DIPERSAMT in appearance. Allows opening of splits, holes and other defects.

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