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Birch Plywood Is The Perfect Combination for Life

Views: 205     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-06-07      Origin: Site


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Birch Plywood Is The Perfect Combination for Life

Birch grows in the cold zone, the trunk is white, the bark is smooth, cold, fast growth and pest resistance, often used in afforestation. Birch is often thinned to make birch plywood. Birch is often used to make speakers, yachts and baseball bats, or in high-end interior decoration. Its main characteristics are high hardness, high stability, moisture resistance, insect protection.

Many "classic furniture designs" use birch plywood, which is the same grade as solid wood, and the processing method is also processed in the way of solid wood. Birch plywood is divided into two kinds of construction and furniture, it is the highest grade of plywood material, and the price reflects its characteristics, so the price is higher than the general plywood price. The five characteristics of birch plywood are as follows:


Birch itself has rich and meticulous wood grain, and the color of the original wood is light white, which is used to bring a comfortable and elegant atmosphere to the home space.


Birch plywood is known for its durability, in addition to the high hardness of birch itself, in the process of manufacturing birch plywood, each piece of birch core board is hot pressed in the way of cross intersection, and the composition of positive and negative intersection makes the plywood stronger.


Because the birch knot is less, and the edge is smooth and less prone to cracks, it is quite safe to use. In fact, birch plywood is a very suitable wood material for children.


Birch plywood can maintain its characteristics of not easy to deformation in high humidity, and its degree of moisture resistance is far more than the common plywood on the market, so it is quite suitable for use in humid areas.

Environmental protection

Birch grows in the cold regions of northern Europe and Russia and is a rapidly regenerating tree. Birch plywood in the process of production will be the whole tree trunk cut into thin sheets used up, there will be no waste or wear and tear, its high regeneration rate characteristics also reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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