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Concrete Forming Plywood

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Concrete Forming Plywood

Concrete formwork may represent close to half the cost of a concrete structure. For cost-effective building, contractors select forming panels that will stand up to the job and to multiple uses

At the beginning of concrete-forming panels period, contractors choosed Medium-density Overlay [MDO]) and High-density Overlay [HDO]) plywood that add stability, resist abrasions, and provide a smoother and more durable forming surface.

here are many different types of overlays and treatments for Plyform that can be used to maximize durability. B-B and B-C panels can be made more durable and resistant to moisture with a coating such as polyurethane or other type of liquid surface treatment. One of the newer high-performance overlays is phenolic surface film.The phenolic surface film plywood are used in concrete formwork more and more.It is important to remember not all MDO and HDO overlaid panels (e.g. some General and Industrial products, respectively) are designed for concrete formwork.

Each producer of overlaid concrete-forming panels offers proprietary products offering a variety of different features and benefits.

When planning multiple reuses, it is best to use plywood with more durable construction. All Plyform panels have more solid and stronger veneers than traditional sheathing panels, offered in a range of durability. So it is mainly using birch for this plywood.

And also there is a new surface overlay named PP plastic which is more durable.

PP plastic forming panels have a greater amount of resin in the overlay; their surfaces are harder and more impervious to water and impacts than film faced forming panels. A greater number of uses and smoother finish on the surface of the concrete can be expected when using PP plastic plywood.

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