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Full birch plywood which used for CNC cutting board

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Full birch plywood which used for CNC cutting board

Full Birch Plywood is a type of plywood known for its exceptional strength, durability, and versatility, it is made from multiple layers of thin birch veneers that are cross-bonded, resulting in a sturdy and stable panel with a smooth, uniform surface.

CNC cutting plywood

We supply grade B/BB Birch Plywood for CNC machining, which is the second- highest grade available. You might be thinking "why not the highest grade ? " Here is why: The highest grade and the second-highest grade are extremely close in applicable usages, but by stepping down a grade, we pass tons of savings onto you with essentially no loss in quality.

You’ll find that our custom laser cut/CNC birch plywood is beautiful to look at, carrying a bright, clean finish as well as a uniform grain. Multiple layers of birch veneer make it sturdy enough to give you project strength while also being lower cost than typical hardwoods and softwoods.

When you have some demand which needs strength and stability on a budget for your work , that is very suitable for you.