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TYPES OF PLYWOOD-It is widely used in life

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Structural plywood: Used in permanent structures where high strength is needed. This includes flooring, beams, formwork, and bracing panels. It can be made from softwood or hardwood.

About Construction Plywood

Structural Plywood is manufactured to a structural standard and is Forest Stewardship Council certified, which means it can be used for things like the bracing of houses.

Non-Structural Plywood possesses very similar characteristics to the CD Structural Plywood but hasn’t been structurally rated, which means it can’t be used for things requiring a stress grading. Here you’ll find the product may have a B or C front face grade and a C or D back grade, however it always contains an A-Bond glue line.

Additionally, there is also Formply, which is structurally rated and manufactured using a high-density overlay of phenolic resin impregnated paper bonded to ply wood. This helps protect the hardwood face veneer and provides a sound, protected surface.


External plywood: Used on exterior surfaces where a decorative or aesthetic finish is important. It is not used to bear loads or stress, such as on exterior door surfaces, and wall cladding.