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Use of Film-faced Plywood

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Use of Film-faced Plywood

Film-faced plywood is a type of plywood specifically designed for use in construction and various concrete-related applications. It is often used as a formwork or temporary mold for pouring concrete structures. Its common uses:

Concrete Formwork: Film-faced plywood is mainly used as a formwork material for pouring concrete. It provides a smooth, consistent surface that ensures a high quality finish for concrete walls, columns, beams and slabs. The film on the plywood acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from seeping into the wood, affecting its strength or causing warping.

Building and remodeling: Film-faced plywood is used in a variety of building projects such as building walls, ceilings, roofs and floors. It is used as a structural material for frames, sheathing and general woodworking.

External applications: Due to its durability and weather resistance, laminated plywood can be used for outdoor applications. Suitable for exterior wall cladding, coaming board, fence, signage and other projects.

Shipping containers and packaging: Film-faced plywood is also used in the construction of shipping containers, packaging boxes and crates. Its strength and water resistance make it an ideal material for protecting and transporting goods.

Film-faced plywood is made by bonding a film impregnated with phenolic resin to both sides of the plywood to form a smooth waterproof surface. This film improves the durability and life of plywood, making it suitable for demanding built environments.