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Uses And Common Types of Plywood

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Uses And Common Types of Plywood

Plywood is a necessity for many home improvement and construction projects, but not every type of plywood is suitable for every project. This guide explains the different uses and common types of plywood.

The use of plywood

Plywood is a kind of board in the series of manufacturing boards. It is made by cutting wood into thin veneers. These thin layers, also called layers, are glued together at alternating right angles to form a cross-textured pattern. This pattern increases the strength and stability of resistance to shrinkage and expansion caused by moisture.

Plywood has become a popular choice in construction due to its strength and high cost performance. It is used in areas that are hidden from view, such as floors, walls, roofs and garages in residential buildings.

Stainable and paintable plywood is ideal for shelving, cabinetry and furniture. Outside the home, plywood can be converted into fence material, packaging material, scaffolding, sheds and containers.

refractory plywood

Common types of plywood

Composite plywood: A wood-based board with a core layer (or some specific layers) of a material other than veneer or solid wood and at least two layers of interlaced veneer billets glued on each side of the core layer.

Symmetrical structure plywood: The corresponding layers of veneers on both sides of the central layer correspond to the same plywood in terms of tree species, thickness, texture direction and physical and mechanical properties.

Ordinary plywood: plywood for ordinary purposes.

aviation plywood

Special plywood: plywood with some special properties, suitable for special purposes. (Examples: Marine plywood, refractory plywood, aviation plywood, etc.)

Aircraft plywood: Special plywood made of birch or other similar species of veneer and phenolic laminated paper. (Note: mainly used in aircraft parts manufacturing)

Marine plywood: A special plywood with high water resistance formed by hot pressing and gluing of a surface board impregnated with phenolicg resin glue and a core board coated with phenolic resin glue. (Note: mainly used in the manufacture of Marine components)

Refractory plywood: plywood and its surface decoration products that meet the requirements of the refractory B1 class specification.