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Anti-slip Plywood for Square Pattern And Hexagonal Pattern

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Anti-slip Plywood for Square Pattern And Hexagonal Pattern

Anti-slip plywood has a variety of decorative surface coverings to choose from, each pattern has different characteristics, suitable for floor and other uses, generally widely used in vehicles, flight box manufacturing and maintenance, stage and other need for non-slip places, can provide a variety of thickness and size, can also be cut according to the requirements of size and profile.

The surface of the core board is covered with a wear-resistant phenolic resin, which can provide different patterns and can also provide specific uses. Generally, , wear-resistance is enhanced as the amount of resin bonded to the surface of the plywood is increased.

The two most common patterns of anti-slip plywood are square and hexagonal

Square pattern

This panel is the simplest and most widely known non-slip plywood and is widely used where anti-slip finishes are needed and priced competitively. If the end use is a temporary or one-time installation, it can also be provided on pine or other core materials to reduce costs.

Anti-slip plywood

Square pattern

Hexagonal pattern

A hexagonal anti-slip raised area about 10 mm in diameter, surrounded by six repeating hexagonal structures, with a margin of about 2 mm between its nearest neighbors. The raised anti-slip pattern maintains its anti-slip properties in all climates and is therefore ideal for demanding floor applications, often used in the manufacture of aviation cases and decorative effects.

Hexagonal pattern