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Board Family: What Is The Difference between Plywood, Density Board, Particleboard?

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Board Family: What Is The Difference between Plywood, Density Board, Particleboard?


Cut a big tree into a layer of 3mm-18mm sheet, and the sheet bonded together with glue is plywood.

The number of layers is usually 3-13 odd layers, and the board looks like a wafer cookie from the side.

Because it is clamped up layer by layer, it is also called "splint" and "multi-layer board".

The so-called multi-layer solid wood board is actually plywood.

It is named according to the number of layers of the clip, but this naming method is relatively small, and only three plywood is common.

According to the thickness of the name is very common, five centimetre plate, seven centimetre plate, nine centimetre plate have.

Performance & Use

Moisture resistance to deformation, bearing capacity is also good. It is easy to process, and the special-shaped home that is difficult to make and design has natural advantages.

✔ Suitable for making furniture cabinet, cabinet door, backplane, bottom plate.

✔ Ideal for near water space, especially in humid areas in the south.

The surface of the plywood doesn't have any nice grain.

If you do the cabinet door, direct paint is not good, the surface also need to add other decorations.

For example, use a nice texture, thickness of about 2mm solid wood sheet, stick on the plywood.

2. Density board


Density board

It is very similar to the production process of particleboard, except that particleboard is the wood into shavings, and fiberboard is the wood into powder.

When the fiberboard is pressed by high pressure glue, the density of the board pressed out is not the same as that of the less force, so the fiberboard is also called "density board".

✔ Low density board quality is too poor.

✔ High density board is too heavy and too expensive.

✔ Only medium density board (MDF) is most suitable.


Performance & Use

The biggest disadvantage is that it is not moisture-proof, and drum deformation occurs when water vapor is seen.

Not suitable for use in places that are prone to moisture such as toilets. In particular, the south should pay special attention to the south.

The bearing capacity is poor, can not be used as a cabinet.

✔ Only suitable for cabinet doors, or used in places that are not load-bearing, such as the back of cabinets.

The surface of the fiberboard is smooth, especially suitable for secondary processing, painting or pasting a pattern is not a problem, like fancy can do cabinet door carving.

3, Particleboard (particle board/solid wood particle board)

particle board

The tree trunk, branches, branches, grass, straw and other materials, planed into pieces, by high pressure spray glue pressed into porcelain solid board.

Solid wood pellet board is a slightly better quality particleboard. The shavings are made of wood, and there is no waste material such as turf straw.

The best quality solid wood pellet board, shavings should not only use wood, but also use the best wood, the trunk part of the tree, even the branches of the tree.

Particleboard is the most used board on the market.

Because the miscellaneous brand particleboard is mixed with grass residue wood, low cost, any small factory can produce.

Buy particleboard must choose a big brand, the board itself can be better, the edge can be better (the edge to prevent the spread of formaldehyde and moisture).

Performance & Use

Good load-bearing, not easy to deformation, the performance is relatively balanced.

Suitable for making furniture bearing cabinet and cabinet door, is the main push plate of major custom furniture brands.

In terms of moisture resistance, particleboard and plywood are similar, and both can be used in kitchen cabinets.

✔ Geographical habits, the southern cabinet love to use plywood, the northern cabinet love to use particle board.

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