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Floor Design Trends for 2024

Views: 204     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-18      Origin: Site


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Floor Design Trends for 2024

Interior Design Trend: Moody Drama

Moody drama calls forth a rich, luxurious palettes of jewel tones with deep navy blues and forest greens complemented by oil paintings in antique frames and floral wallpaper. Think of a room you might find in an upscale, historic European inn. When it comes to flooring, this trend will be seen in dark-stained hardwood floors with parquet installation style.


(European Oak)

Interior Design Trend: Back to black

Consumers will increasingly combine traditional dark color palettes with matte black in details throughout the room. The return to black trend seeks to bring personality into home design through voluminous drapes, arched mirrors and lavish chandeliers. We'll see dark wood floors and harlequin or checkerboard patterns on carpets and tile floors.


Interior Design Trend: Earth Tones

We will see a return of earth tones and natural tones indoors. Think earthy tones of brick, terracotta, pink and caramel brown with a rustic feel.