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How To Protect Your Floors From Furniture

Views: 261     Author: Jasmine     Publish Time: 2023-07-10      Origin: Site


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How To Protect Your Floors From Furniture

You adore your new flooring. You've finally installed your lovely new floors and completed your room after thinking about the floors that could be and bringing home flooring samples to view them in your space. But one issue lingers in your mind: How can I keep my floors looking brand new indefinitely?

Don't worry; our flooring professionals are here to assist you! You've already begun to set yourself up for success by purchasing from Flooring America, because we specialize in gorgeous, long-lasting, and durable flooring. Following that, you may devise a cleaning program that matches your schedule. If you need help getting started, see our other blog post, "Learn How to Best Protect Your Floors."

While frequent cleanings are essential for keeping your flooring in excellent condition, there's more to it than that. Floor protectors are an essential tool for protecting your flooring from regular wear and strain. Here is a list of several floor protectors and their applications:

Carpet covers and moving pads

These are commonly utilized while moving into or out of a home. Assuming you intend to stay in your house for a long time, it's nearly probable that you'll buy new furniture or décor that can potentially harm your flooring when moved. When bringing in new, heavier objects, use moving pads to avoid leaving unsightly stains.

If you have carpet, you may believe that there is nothing to worry about when moving furniture, but this is not the case. Get carpet protectors, which are plastic films that protect against stains and tears. This prevents your furniture from becoming entangled in the carpet and leaving drag marks or indents.

Furniture protectors

Chair leg floor guards, also known as furniture floor protectors, are available in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors, making it simple to select ones that fit your chairs. Instead of laying down a layer of plastic to prevent your floors from scuffing, this sort of floor protector is discreet, made of felt that adheres to the bottom of your furniture, and is a lifesaver for hardwood floors. Traditional felt furniture pads are ideally suited for coffee tables or dining room tables that will not be moved frequently. They are often offered in bundles of less than $20.

Non-slip plastic alternatives to felt pads are somewhat more expensive but ideal for furniture that is prone to slipping. Consider the type of furniture you intend to move when deciding between non-slip and conventional furniture pads. For example, non-slip plastic pads protect your flooring better against damage from furniture such as sofas or chairs that are likely to shift from people plopping down on them.

a plastic floor mat

This option is rather self-explanatory. It is a thin plastic coating that eliminates the danger of scratching. It is most commonly encountered in home offices, as moving up and down from your chair or whirling around can leave traces on your floors. Because of the significant foot traffic and dirt tracked in from outside, you may also notice plastic mats in entryways. These plastic mats offer a simple solution for preventing scrapes and scratches in that region.

Don't simply wish for always-young floors; make it a reality by investing in some floor protectors.