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Why Should You Choose Solid Wood Laminate Flooring

Views: 210     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-02-26      Origin: Site


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Why Should You Choose Solid Wood Laminate Flooring

Service life - Engineered wood has a service life of more than 45 years and can be polished multiple times to a depth of 4 mm to 6 mm. For a natural finish, engineered wood can be simply maintained by oiling it regularly. Solid wood panels may require more sanding to achieve a smooth, even surface, but have roughly the same service life as engineered flooring.

Surface treatment - You will be surprised by the wide range of treatment options available for engineered wood. Displaying the specific style and beauty of wood is a true art form that can be achieved in many ways.The engineered wood is finished with a range of carefully crafted textures, tones, gloss and dimensions. Solid wood can certainly look traditional and elegant, but the tools available in New Zealand leave little room for creativity. Sanding and then dyeing or oiling are your main options. Engineered wood completely surpasses solid wood in terms of the overall finish of each product.


Finishing - Engineered wood is finished in a factory and defined using state-of-the-art tools, setting standards that cannot be surpassed by manual labor. Humidity levels, the quality of the finished product, and the actual skills of the floor workers are all factors that affect the success or failure of a solid wood flooring project.


Health - Engineered wood is treated in factories and by the time it reaches our shores, any smoke is long gone. Laying solid wood requires sanding and coating, both of which are harmful to your health. In fact, many people move out of their homes for days or even weeks during the construction of hardwood floors.

Time frame - The beauty of laminate flooring is that all the finishing is done in the factory, which means it's ready for use as soon as it's installed. It can be transported directly from the truck to the floor, and furniture can even be installed within 24 hours of completion. Solid wood planks require more preparation, but they need to be shipped to the designated location several weeks in advance to allow time for the wood to acclimate to temperature levels to avoid gaps, warping and warping. The adaptation, installation, sanding and finishing process of solid wood can take much longer than the simple installation of pre-finished solid wood floors.


Milling accuracy - Engineered wood lives up to its name. The milling process often takes place overseas, which means the wood is designed in such a way that not only the textures match, but the planks themselves match perfectly. Hardwood floors simply can't compete with smooth laminate flooring, which provides an elegant and high-end finish to any property.

Plank width - Simply put, engineered wood can provide a wider width if required and can be delivered. The multi-layer structure allows them to easily adapt to a variety of environments. However, solid wood is less suitable for wide planks because it moves and expands with room temperature changes.


Consider all of the above points when making a decision for your next wood flooring project. It depends on the overall look you want to achieve, the time frame and cost you are willing to accept, and how much maintenance you are willing to undertake in the future. Overall, laminate flooring is a more cost-effective solution that looks stunning and offers a large selection that allows you to truly personalize your project from start to finish.