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Aircraft Plywood

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Aircraft Plywood

Aircraft plywood is produced with thermosetting synthetic resin type glues. The quality requirements for aircraft plywood are much stricter than those for general industrial plywood. Aircraft plywood conforms to MIL-P-6070B. Factory specifications require plywood general condition, thickness deviation, moisture content, wood tensile strength, bonding strength, bending test, torsion test, immersion test, boiling test and other tests. The plywood is factory certified. MIL-P-6070B is a hot-pressed waterproof adhesive laminated. The 90° grain runs in the 8 'direction. 45° grain runs diagonally (for SPAR facing). Approximate weight is based on 4 'X 8'sheets.

Wood from birch, mahogany, spruce and basswood is used to make aircraft plywood. African mahogany provides plywood available for structural aircraft. European birch is strong and spruce is heat resistant. Basswood has low shrinkage and is not easy to deform and crack when used as plywood, and has high strength.

This type is made of birch and basswood Plywood.

 This type is made of birch and basswood Plywood

The other is made of mahogany and poplar

The other is made of mahogany and poplar

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