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Bending Plywood

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Bending Plywood

Bending Plywood, also known as Bendy Ply, Flexible Plywood, or Flexi Ply, is a versatile and lightweight plywood that can bend and curve around a tight radius while remaining stable and easy to handle.

Bending plywood is available in two sheet types that bend following the direction of the grain. 'Long Band' sheets bend along the length of the sheet, while 'Short Band' sheets bend across the width of the sheet. For example, 'Long Band' sheets can be rolled up to create a vertical column up to 2440 mm high, while 'Short Band' sheets can be rolled up to create a shorter column up to 1220 mm high.

This flexible plywood has low formaldehyde content, and is classified E-1. It features a 2-ply construction with a thin centre core and a B grade face and back and is suitable for internal use only.

Bending plywood is ideal for a variety of applications, including furniture making, cabinetry, decorative panelling, and more. Bending Plywood can be easily cut and shaped with standard woodworking tools, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to handle and transport.