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3 Reasons Why We Love White Oak

Views: 214     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-31      Origin: Site


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3 Reasons Why We Love White Oak

What is white oak?

White oak refers to wood from the white oak species, the American White oak (Quercus alba), or the American Summer oak (Quercus robur/petraea). Europe, etc. This tree is known as the "King of the Oaks" for its strong wood and magnificent landscape. White oak wood is highly regarded for its hardness and corrosion resistance, making it an easy choice for flooring.

Why we like it


In short, white oak is stunning. Its texture pattern is soft and subtle, creating a beautiful movement. It is for this reason that it is the perfect choice for interior decoration.

There is also some nostalgia for the beauty of oak. This is wood that many of us have learned to appreciate since childhood. Our childhood home is around it. Oak is steadfast in more than one sense - it has withstood the physical test of time and the ever-changing cycles of testing trends.


White oak is naturally neutral and does have gray, pink, and brown undertones, but does not skew red or yellow like some hardwood species. Due to neutral tones, it can be dyed perfectly, which allows us to offer a range of colors that suit the design. In addition, it has also developed patina that deepens its natural color over time. White oak flooring often looks more beautiful after ten years of aging than when it was newly installed.


It is difficult to describe the characteristics of white oak, but once you recognize it, you will never want another variety. Some panels have the ornate features of trees, such as medullary rays and cathedral textures. On some floors, knots and cracks bring the story of each tree to life.

We believe in embracing every knot, freckle, and knot of irregular nature. Every time you look at the floor, all of these features instantly connect with nature.