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Different Types of Wood Species with Happy Wood

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Different Types of Wood Species with Happy Wood

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in all kinds of construction. If we stop to think about it, we are surrounded by wood: our children's toys, the tables we eat at, the chairs we sit on, and the doors we open and close every day.Wood is functional, elegant and durable, allowing us to apply different types of treatments and finishes to improve its natural properties.

The most basic distinction between wood species is hardwood and softwood.

● Hardwoods come from slow-growing trees, so the wood is dense and hard. Examples of hardwoods are maple, oak, and elm.

● Softwood, on the other hand, is made from trees that grow relatively quickly, so the wood is less dense. Poplar and spruce are perfect examples of softwood.

We work with a variety of plantation species and use their respective strengths to manufacture panels with different characteristics to meet the needs of a variety of projects.We will explore the different types of wood that allow us to manufacture plywood that meets the highest quality standards.

What are Happy Wood’s Main Wood Species?


Poplar is the primary Wood species for Happy Wood and is the most commonly used wood in our products due to its outstanding properties.Poplar is very light and easy to use;Due to its light weight, it is particularly suitable for vehicle manufacturing, such as campers . Poplar is easy to handle and produces an excellent end product.

In addition, cottonwood is an ally in the fight against climate change. It is one of the highest absorbers of carbon dioxide in the world, averaging 22 tons per year. Poplar trees also stand out for their rapid growth and ability to purify water. Products from poplar trees capture large amounts of carbon dioxide and return large amounts of oxygen to the atmosphere.



Eucalyptus is also one of the most valuable building wood materials;It is known for its extraordinary strength and resistance as well as the beauty of its surface.It is very sturdy and perfect for outdoor activities. However, it is a bit difficult to maneuver. Like poplar and birch, it comes from fast-growing plantations in Europe, ensuring its sustainability. We offer reinforced boards and other eucalyptus boards: a versatile range of high-quality plywood suitable for a variety of applications where strength and resistance are crucial, a real alternative to Russian birch plywood.




Its beautiful natural color means limited finishes and embellishments are required;At Happy Wood we have the ideal maple plywood: a reinforced spherical maple product that is ideal for interior decoration applications without the need for any further sanding and processing.

Birch plywood