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How To Use Plywood in Floors

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How To Use Plywood in Floors

Plywood is an important part of creating a flooring system.

As a sub-floor

Plywood for sub-flooring usually comes in interlocking sheets (i.e., with interlocking tongues and grooves). When installed directly on top of the joists of a floor’s framing system, it forms a secure base for the finished floor layer that will be laid on top of it.

A plywood sub-floor can support many types of floor finishes or coverings, including carpet, laminates, bamboo, and hardwood.

As underlayment

Depending on what kind of floor you’re creating, you may need an underlayment on top of the sub-floor. This optional layer provides a stiffer, smoother surface for the final top layer to rest on. It can also act as an extra moisture or sound barrier. For this, you can use plywood as well.

As a finished flooring

You can install plywood as the finish or “covering” on top of an existing sub-floor. (And yes, you can have plywood flooring over a plywood sub-floor.)


You can cut plywood into planks or special shapes and lay them in whatever pattern you prefer. Some plywood flooring designs even mimic traditional wood parquet floors or mosaics.