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The Grade of Wood Flooring

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The Grade of Wood Flooring

Regarding the grade division of wood flooring, this is a range value, due to the differences in countries and regions, or factory production, there are usually differences in the grade division, but this does not affect our impression of the physical product. Generally, the division of wood flooring will be divided into A, B, C, D, E, F grades, but in the actual situation, due to the difference of wood, the boundaries between the grades will be blurred, so that it will not be clearly and absolutely divided into six levels.

Usually, our classification of wood flooring products will be divided into:

A(prime grade): has few or no knots, and the size of the knot is small, such as needle knots or eye knots, called healthy knots, no fillers are required to fill, the wood itself has relatively little color change, and no sapwood is allowed in the vegan grade.


AB (select grade): Widely used in place of prime grade, limited size sections are usually up to 10-15mm in size, some of which are healthy sections, filling small size sections is allowed, the actual wood has some color variation, allowing the use of 10% sapwood.


ABC(nature): Natural appearance of wood, normal sized sections 25-50mm wide, often filled with wood filler, limited number of sections, sapwood and natural color variations usually allowed, as well as filled cracks and sections at the edges.

ABCD ( nature/rustic): The rustic grade, along with the natural grade, has an almost unlimited number or size of sections per board. Color changes are expected due to the use of heartwood and sapwood. Cracks and stuttering are usually filled with caulk, not to match the color of the wood.


CD (rustic/character): Rustic/characteristic grade, no limit on the size, number, shape of the section, each board allows cracks of any size. There may be some unfilled, open knots and cracks, and the maximum color variation is allowed.


Like DE, EF grade, there will be some knots, falling off joints, stuttering, affecting the look and feel, and there will be large cracks, end cracks, will not affect the quality of the product, this grade of products will be in demand in some special places, such as vintage bars, or art galleries.